California city turns up heat on fight against fume spewing Sriracha hot sauce factory as they vote to declare it a public nuisance

A small Southern California town has turned up the heat on the makers of the wildly popular Sriracha hot sauce, telling them that if they can’t keep their bottling plant from smelling up the neighborhood, the city will.

The Irwindale City Council voted 4-0 Wednesday to tentatively declare Huy Fong’s 2-year-old bottling plant a public nuisance. If a second vote, scheduled for April 23, makes the declaration official, Huy Fong will have 90 days to stop releasing the spicy smells that neighbors say burn their eyes and throats and make them sneeze and cough.

If the smells still persist, the Los Angeles suburb says it will have the authority to enter the plant, take whatever measures are necessary to kill the odor, and bill the company for its efforts…