BDS campaigners at Cornell try stealth resolution

Cornell University

Pro-Palestinian campaigners at Cornell University scheduled a Student Assembly vote on a far-reaching boycott of Israeli settlements to take place as Jewish students were busy celebrating the Passover holiday, a prominent legal commentator said.

William A. Jacobson, a Cornell law professor and founder of the popular political blog Legal Insurrection, reported on Wednesday that the resolution had been added to the updated agenda for a student assembly meeting scheduled for the next day, allegedly in an attempt to catch pro-Israel student groups unprepared.

“The Resolution was proposed at the last possible minute, with a surprise committee vote presentation (assisted by the President of the Assembly, I’m told) enabling it to be listed as ‘new business’ for a meeting tomorrow afternoon,” he wrote in a blog post.

The holiday begins next Monday night and many Jewish students were planning to leave the Cornell campus on Thursday and head back home to celebrate the festival with their families.