Bangla news site ‘bdnews24’: Stop the silent Hindu exodus

A Hindu temple vandalized in March, 2014

“They’re going away quietly. We have to treat this with importance,” veteran Awami League leader Suranjit Sengupta told parliament on Thursday.

Quoting news reports, he said not a single case of attack on minorities in the country had ever faced trial.

In 1974, Hindus were 13.5% of the population, which in 1981 fell to 12.1% and in 2001 became 8.5%, he said, quoting census figures.

“This government must be allowed to do its work. It must be allowed to work constitutionally,” he said.

“The ministers and the employees of the republic must have a good understanding,” he added.

The MP’s remarks came hours after the High Court ordered the government to act against the people behind the hate attacks on Hindus alongside Awami League supporters across Bangladesh after the 2001 general elections.

A judicial investigation committee in its report three years ago identified several BNP and Jamaat leaders as having been involved in the attacks…

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You mean to say that diversity is not Bangladesh’s strength?  I do not understand!  I have been assured by any number of Western writers and elites that diversity is the source of all good things.  There must be some kind of mistake here.