UK: Parrot saves owner from mugger by squawking and flapping its wings

Wunsy, an African Grey parrot

A pet parrot scared off an attacker by squawking and flapping its wings at a man who assaulted its owner in a London park.

Wunsy, an African Grey bird, was being taken for a walk – and flight – in Sunny Hill Park, north London, on Friday when his owner – a 25-year-old woman – was attacked.

Police said a man grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her to the ground with both hands in the broad daylight attack which occurred as she was leaving the park in Hendon.

However, the bird started flapping its wings and squawking at the mugger and its loud protestations startled the suspect, who escaped towards Great North Road.

The woman and the parrot were unharmed during the assault and the victim quickly reported the incident to police…

* * *
Good news that African Greys can be guard parrots.  Not good news that you can be assaulted in broad daylight in a London park.