Peres launches Weibo page, attracts 50 million viewers

President Shimon Peres’s Weibo page

President Shimon Peres on Thursday launched his official page on Weibo, China’s largest social network.

Visiting the company’s Beijing headquarters, Peres, accompanied by the company’s VP, launched his latest social media account by striking a gong. Within moments, Peres’s page had been viewed by 50 million users.

Weibo has hundreds of millions of users who create around 2.8 billion posts per month.

“I’m proud to be a member of the Weibo family,” said Peres at the launch, as company employees waved Chinese and Israeli flags. “I look forward to seeing you all on my page so that I can speak directly to the Chinese people, and especially the younger generation, to strengthen Sino-Israeli relations.”

According to Weibo’s vice president, the event was the largest launch of a page in the company’s history. Peres is one of the first leaders to create a page on the site…