Denmark: Sharia more important than hospital hygiene

Hvidovre Hospital

One of the first cases in Denmark involving firing an employee on account of religious practices is under way.

Two female laboratory technicians at Hvidovre Hospital are in danger of being fired because their religious requirements defy hospital’s dress code, which for hygiene reasons require short sleeves.

One of the women, who are currently on sick leave and will not be named, says she has asked various imams.

They explained that she as a good Muslim has to wear long sleeves during working hours. Therefore she will probably lose her job.

Deputy Director Torben Mogensen from Hvidovre Hospital explains that the case has been going on since the fall:

“Short sleeves are part of the hospital’s dress code. This is to protect the patients, as you cannot wash your hands completely clean when wearing long sleeves. We do a lot to accommodate people with different ethnic backgrounds. But when it comes to hygiene, we cannot compromise the safety of the patients. We fought for years to get doctors to wear short sleeves.”

h/t Nicolai Sennels