Searching for MH370

A Royal Australian Air Force AP-3C Orion flies past Australian defense vessel Ocean Shield on a mission to drop sonar buoys to assist in the acoustic search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the southern Indian Ocean.

I checked on my old nemesis from WonderCafe [a forum associated with the United Church of Canada], Graeme Decarie, the other day and he has a conspiracy theory about the plane on his blog.

NewsToday has yet another nothing story on the disappearance of a Malaysian airliner. That’s a major story for the day in national and international affairs.
Okay, if they’re going to keep hammering us with the airliner story, let’s do some thinking about what they’re not telling us. (which is most of the story.)
The indications are that this was not done by some rebel or terrorist group, but by an agency of some nation. And it was aimed, perhaps as a warning, to the government of China or of Malaysia.

How was it done? I read one account suggesting that experts can use computers to take control of an airplane (or even a car). That may explain why the pilot and co-pilot didn’t contact home base when the plane turned off course.

And the official discounting of discoveries? The frequent dispersion of search forces to various regions? That could well be part of an effort to make sure the airliner is never found.

There are no links.  He does not believe in using “sources” but in making stuff up as he goes along, which he calls “thinking.”

Now remember that this man taught history at Concordia for thirty-five years and is an esteemed member of WonderCafe (which is closing down in a new months).  Just the other day, another member, a lawyer, said how much he missed his former regular posts, as he was such an interesting and though-provoking fellow.

I do not think he posts much at WonderCafe since I left since he spent most of his time telling me what an idiot I was.  Now that I am gone it is quite a bit more boring.