Mass migration: the Italians do not get it and neither does the Pope

A typical load of boat people

(ANSAmed) – ROME, APRIL 8 – Lower House Speaker Laura Boldrini on Tuesday said “it is not by closing or ‘defending’ borders, as stated by some who are vying for easy support, that we will stop migration flows.”

“In order to manage them more effectively, it will be instead necessary to confront in a more efficient way the in-depth causes of these movements of people, in a bilateral way and though external action by the European Union,” Boldrini also told the Conference of speakers of EU Parliaments in Vilnius.

Boldrini noted that, according a recent research “from 2000 until today, over 23,000 people died in our seas, on our terrestrial borders and in deserts of transit countries” and that “the place where more people lost their lives – the victims were almost 8,000 – is the Mediterranean, the Mare Nostrum.”

“Who will pay for these deaths?” asked the Italian speaker.

“If ours is an area of freedom, security and justice, it must be so also for those who lost their lives trying to reach it as they were fleeing persecution, violence, extreme poverty. And it should be so for those surviving the trip who are often exploited as farm hands, on construction sites or in the sex trade in our continent. In order to end people smuggling and trafficking, there must be joint action,” continued Boldrini.

“These crimes, among the most despicable of our time, cross border by definition. And it is in order to fight these crimes that the European Union, among the many progresses made in this sector, has drafted a Directive on trafficking and, more in general, on boosted judicial cooperation.”

Meanwhile: (ANSAmed) – VATICAN CITY, APRIL 8 – Pope Francis on Wednesday will bless a cross made out of wood from migrant boats shipwrecked off the Sicilian island of Lampedusa, Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano said Tuesday.

The cross, which is 2.8 meters high, 1.5 meters wide, and weighs 60 kilos, will then take off on a nationwide tour. It will be handed off between churches, congregations, and communities throughout Italy in a kind of spiritual relay, ending in its final destination at St. Stephen’s church in Milan.

And further: (ANSAmed) – ROME, APRIL 8 – The current Libyan government does not have yet “full control of the territory nor can it guarantee the full respect of migrants’ human rights and this makes the possibility of a cooperation aimed at repatriating migrants towards that country unfeasible,” Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini said on Tuesday.

Addressing the Schengen committee, Mogherini stressed that “in 2013 about 70% of arrivals by sea to the European Union occurred from Libya to Italy on the central Mediterranean route.”

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Fine words!

Italy’s TFR (total fertility rate) = 1.42 children per woman. Many of the immigrants are from sub-Saharan. Let us take Nigeria as an example: their TFR = 5.25 children per woman.

It will not take long until native Italians are a minority. They will become Africa North. And why do they think that Africa North will be any more pleasant than the real Africa?

A simple projection of Italy’s population at 1.42 TFR: If things do not change, they will disappear.

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