Their lawyers paint two very different pictures of Ezra Levant and Khurram Awan in closing trial arguments

Well, it’s all over now except for the verdict.

The lengthy trial in which Ezra Levant was accused of defaming former Canadian Islamic Congress activist Khurram Awan heard closing arguments from the defense and plaintiff’s attorneys today, and as you would expect, two very different pictures were painted by each side.

Awan’s attorney Brian Shiller depicted his client as an honest, courageous man, trying to restore his reputation from malicious attacks by a vindictive, angry Levant. On the other side, Levant’s lawyer Iain MacKinnon unfolded a portrait of Awan the liar; a person who acted in seeming conflict-of-interest, someone who cares nothing for free speech, and if not an antisemite himself, certainly someone willing to associate himself with those who are and be their accomplice.