Site offering free download of a book on Islamophobia that is for sale on Amazon and is NOT FREE

Cover of the book, as shown at Amazon

John Esposito is a notorious apologist for Islam.

The book was published in March 2011 by Oxford University Press and retails for $85.26 (hardcover), $22.46 (paperback) and $9.10 (e-book).

Prices from, US dollars.

From Amazon’s description:

Islamophobia has been on the rise since September 11, as seen in countless cases of discrimination, racism, hate speeches, physical attacks, and anti-Muslim campaigns. The 2006 Danish cartoon crisis and the controversy surrounding Pope Benedict XVI’s Regensburg speech have underscored the urgency of such issues as image-making, multiculturalism, freedom of expression, respect for religious symbols, and interfaith relations.

The 1997 Runnymede Report defines Islamophobia as “dread, hatred, and hostility towards Islam and Muslims perpetuated by a series of closed views that imply and attribute negative and derogatory stereotypes and beliefs to Muslims.”
This collection of essays takes a multidisciplinary approach to Islamophobia, bringing together the expertise and experience of Muslim, American, and European scholars. Analysis is combined with policy recommendations. Contributors discuss and evaluate good practices already in place and offer new methods for dealing with discrimination, hatred, and racism.

But you can download the e-book free here. Is that not a violation of copyright?  I have no idea why it would be available free or if this has been OK’ed by the original publishers.  But I can imagine a lot of people who would like to get the book into wider circulation.