Obama to force government contractors to reveal salary breakdowns by sex and race in equal pay drive

President Barack Obama will sign an executive order and a presidential ‘memorandum’ on Tuesday targeting federal government contractors’ records on pay equity for female employees. But his own administration is still facing tough questions about why women can’t expect to earn as much as men in the White House.

The move, designed in part to appease progressive activists, will force contractors who do business with Uncle Sam to provide Washington with annual reports showing how their salary pools break down among race and gender lines.

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They will also be forbidden to retaliate against employees who discuss their salaries openly in a bid to ferret out confidential information.

The White House did not respond Monday to questions about whether it will issue a report dissecting how men and women, or a variety of racial groups, fare in its salary pool.

That may be because 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has never paid the same levels of earnings to men and women – not even in the current administration…