Moroccan group slams king’s adviser as ‘Zionist collaborator’

Andre Azoulay

An anti-Israel organization in Morocco has published a list of people and institutions it accuses of collaborating with the Jewish state.

The Moroccan Observatory against Normalization with Israel published the list last week in its annual report for 2013, the news site [Arabic] reported.

Among the people named was Andre Azoulay, a Moroccan Jew and advisor to King Mohammed VI of Morocco; Driss El Yazami, chairman of the National Human Rights Council; businessman Gabriel Banon; and Ibrahim el Fassi Fihri, founder of the Amadeus student exchange program.

They were listed for visiting Israel or working to further cooperation with it, according to the report, which named some of the individuals listed as “symbols of the Zionist infiltration into Morocco.”

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I am surprised that he even has a Jewish advisor.

I know nothing about the Hespress site, but its current #1 story is the Quebec election!

It features the photo shown at left and Google Translate says “Achieved the Liberal Party in the legislative elections premature Canadian province of Quebec victory”

(I have zero knowledge of the language and will make no attempt to rephrase it)

No doubt they are celebrating the loss of Parti Québécois and its promised ban on headscarves.