Fiyaz Mughal (Tell MAMA) takes flak for taking on a gay patron, defends himself: ‘Muslims and gays must unite to beat the haters’

Fiyaz Mughal

When the TELL MAMA project, founded on tackling anti-Muslim bigotry, invited the human rights campaigner, invited Peter Tatchell, to be one of a number of patrons for the national project, we got a surprise.

We expected some push back. But what we did not expect was a malicious smear campaign against me that suggested I was trying to reform or change Islam.

Anonymous spin leaflets circulating to this effect, detracted from the real facts. Those are that intolerance, bigotry and prejudice should not be allowed to fester by taking the easy route of saying it has nothing to do with us.
Just the other day, we were copied into a tweet targeted at two members of the House of Lords suggesting the tweeter was unhappy about support for TELL MAMA. A quick look at the timeline of this individual showed a Twitter message where he viewed homosexuality as a “mental illness.”

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Read Mughal’s whole article here.

He can expect a lot more incoming fire if he goes ahead with his planned Jewish patron.