Amnesty International: Europe ‘failing to protect its Roma’ from violence and discrimination

In its report to coincide with International Roma Day on Tuesday, Amnesty said many of the 10 to 12 million Roma living in Europe endured precarious living conditions and hate crimes.

A significant number, said Amnesty, “face the threat of forced eviction, police harassment and violent attacks.” In the report, published on its website, the group accused many European leaders of echoing populist anti Roma sentiment, the group enjoying little or no political representation of its own.

“All too often European leaders have pandered to the prejudices fueling anti-Roma violence by branding Roma as anti-social and unwelcome. While generally condemning the most blatant examples of anti-Roma violence, authorities have been reluctant to acknowledge its extent and slow to combat it.”

Amnesty accused EU governments, as well as the European Commission, of failing to use all means within its legislative arsenal to combat both violence and discrimination…

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Roma in the UK behave so badly even the Pakistanis have trouble co-existing with them.  See here, here,  here  and  here.

Amnesty needs to tell the Roma to rein in the anti-social behaviour of some of them.  This is not a simple case of one-sided “racism.”