Islamophobes arrest two devout Muslim clerics for spreading Mohammed’s message to behead kuffars

Police have obtained recordings of violent sermons delivered during Friday prayers at Masjid Shuhadaa in Majengo. The sermons are in protest over the death of Sheikh Abubakar Shariff alias Makaburi.

Makaburi was shot dead in Mombasa town last Tuesday evening. Mombasa county police boss Robert Kitur said detectives are analysing the contents of messages given to Muslim worshippers.

He said the messages urged worshippers to “cleanse Mombasa of infidels”. Speaking to the Star yesterday, Kitur said they are profiling the speaker and Imam from the mosque.

Police said the two are among “radical” preachers that said worshipers should “prepare to revenge” Makaburi’s death. Kitur said the message directed muslims to be-head the kufars (non-muslims) in the neighbourhood.

Kenya must be a very culturally insensitive place.