Funerals for Ukraine: We shall not forget

Yesterday my Ukrainian friends and I bought a bottle of Vodka and drank it by the Slavic tradition of drinking for the dead: in silence and without clinking glasses.

Historically, Ukraine was one of the richest parts of the Russian (and the then Soviet) Empire in its natural resources. Russian Tzars preferred Crimea to Niza. So when 23 years ago, Ukrainians got what they got, all other the peoples of the ex-USSR were sure that Ukraine would move up like a rocket.

Now, 23 years later, Ukraine has a GDP per capita of $3,860. A miserable Albania, by the way, has $4,000. Neighbouring Poland has $13,300, and Russia, which started 23 years ago in much worse conditions and who besides accepted all the debts of the USSR, now has $15,500 GDP per capita…