Closing arguments in the Ezra Levant v. Khurram Awan trial today

The last day. Closing arguments are currently underway in the libel suit brought by Khurram Awan against Ezra Levant, the hearing is being held in courtroom 5-1 in the Courthouse at 361 University Avenue.

As I have written previously I simply have no idea how this will end. Libel law is a silly business, especially in Canada where the process has become the punishment. It is an ancient legal artifact that has little relevance in today’s world.

Having attended 4 of the previous 5 days of this trial I can attest to the cartoon like quality of this grievance charade. If only Khurram Awan’s chair had been called as a witness, hostile or otherwise, we might finally know the truth!

I hope that the judge will take into account that this suit stemmed from the single greatest attack to date by Islamists on our right to freedom of speech. There can never be charitable words for those who desire to destroy our civilization.

 Work commitments prevent me from attending. I expect Blogwrath and Eyecrazy to be there.

Good luck Ezra. No decision is expected for several months.