Seems reasonable: Iran plans to increase gasoline imports by March 2015

The Arak heavy water reactor in Iran: produces plutonium

(Reuters) – Iran aims to increase it gasoline imports by March 2015, a senior Iranian oil official said on Thursday, as the country has stopped using domestic petrochemical plants to produce the fuel.

Imports are a sensitive subject for energy-rich Iran as they have been a target for U.S. sanctions aimed at persuading Tehran to curb its nuclear activities.

“Iran’s fuel imports will surely increase this (Iranian) year,” said the senior official, who asked not to be named.

The Iranian year started on March 21.

He refused to reveal the amount but media reports suggest that the import of gasoline will be around 11 million litres per year.

Iran’s plan to increase imports follows an interim deal agreed in November with world powers under which Tehran has since shelved higher-grade uranium enrichment – a potential path to atomic bombs – and obtained modest relief from punitive sanctions in return. The interim accord went into effect on Jan. 20.

Iran has long denied accusations from Western powers and Israel that it sought to develop the capability to produce atomic weapons under the cover of its nuclear energy programme.

Iran lacks refining capacity – in part due to a lack of foreign investment – forcing it to import 40% of its domestic gasoline demand. The United States has imposed sanctions on foreign companies that help to supply fuel to Iran…

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Odd that they are willing to go to any length to build very expensive reactors and centrifuges, but an oil refinery eludes them.  I am sure they have a good reason.  I was told at WonderCafe that Iran is totally reliable, has not invaded anyone in centuries.

Say something good about Islam, they told me.  But the odd thing is,  despite following the news even more closely than I did when I posted there, I almost never see anything positive.  And those  people who are good are good despite Islam not because of it.