Istanbul University restores Ottoman monogram above its gates

In recent years, Turkey has seen a growing interest and demand to explore and revive many aspects of its Ottoman culture and heritage.

Turkish authorities in Istanbul are restoring the Ottoman monogram above the gates of Istanbul University within the framework of a project initiated to preserve the historical significance of the building.

Following six months of restoration work on the university’s historic gates, it has been revealed that the calligraphic monogram featuring the signature of Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz has also been restored.

The historic monograms above the gates were covered up with marble plaques in 1927 following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

In 1933, the initials T.C. – standing for Turkiye Cumhuriyeti (Republic of Turkey) – were engraved in the marble stone layer.

The early years of the staunchly secular Republic of Turkey saw a crackdown on open displays of Ottoman and Islamic identity.