Berlin’s endless patience with ill-mannered ‘refugees’

Green Party member Claudia Roth visits the refugees at Oranienplatz

For more than a year dozens of young men from Africa have camped in tents on Kreuzberg Oranienplatz in Berlin. Now they may finally be moving out…

Social Senator Mario Czaja (CDU) has offered the refugees accommodation elsewhere. 102 of the refugees could moves to a former hostel in the area of Friedrichshain.

The refugees took the senator at his word. “No wants to live here anymore,” said Zakaria Bashir, a refugee representative, who was also involved in the negotiations with the Senate. Zakaria and several dozen men visited the new property and now they want to move.

“No person is illegal”

However, they are not alone. Among those who have visited the hostel are men who are already living in a charity home. They too want to move. But the accommodation is limited.

And there are yet more. Altogether there are 467 names of list that has been drawn up by authorities and the refugees…

The Senate Social Administration assumes that all these people can be accommodated in the Berlin area. No schedule has been drawn up for movement. It is envisaged that the refugees will remove all items from the camp at Oranienplatz, except for an information tent, as well as leave the occupied Gerhart Hauptmann School in Kreuzberg.

Negotations continue next week. (In German)

* * *
There is no hope for Europe. It is gone. Why are they negotiating with these people, many of whom entered Europe from Italy and moved on to much wealthier Germany where the pickings are much better? Why don’t they just send them back to Italy?