Rawalpindi, Pakistan: Last standing Hindu temple awaits promised funds

The Krishna temple in Rawalpindi

Though the Evacuee Trust Property Board is “earning millions of rupees monthly” from the property left behind by Hindus after partition, there is apparently no money to spend on their welfare, complained members of the Hindu community.

Some Rs500,000 ($5,100 US) approved in 2012 for the installation of a submersible water pump at the Krishna temple have yet to be released.

“Our requests to release the money have fallen on deaf ears,” said Ashish Kumar.

Krishna Temple in Kabari Bazaar, Saddar, is the only worship place for the Hindus in the twin cities.

A water tank outside the temple needs repair. “The tank cannot be used for storage,” said Kumar. Currently, the cantonment board is supplying water to the temple, but during summers, the supply decreases. Besides, we have to purchase drinking water for all festivals, he added.

The problem has persisted for the last two decades, but no steps have been taken to address the issue, according to the community.
“The money they earn from the building should be spent on its upkeep,” demanded Kavita, a local resident…