Pakistan: A mystery cleared up, but the Council of Islamic Ideology remains totally obnoxious

About a week ago a story started to make the rounds, and was posted here also that Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology had declared women’s existence anti-Islamic. I was suspicious of the story, not because of the anti-woman angle, but because it was not reported in any other Pakistani English news.

The Council is outrageous and is anti-woman in the extreme, as was summarized in a news story posted here.  There are now calls in Pakistan for it to be dissolved (not likely to happen, I suspect). Sample piece ranting about the Council here.

None of the counter-attacks on the Council mentioned the “women’s existence” story either which also made me suspicious. But I chalked the story up to shaky English.

But it turns out that particular one on the existence of women was satire!

This brings me to another point: in today’s globalized world, all satire should be clearly marked as satire.  In this case, the story was only slightly more outrageous than the truth and it has now been referenced as true in dozens of places (I have been following it via Google Alerts).

It was on Twitter than I learned it was satire!

@RichardDawkins I have researched it and cannot confirm in any other English source from Pakistan. Suspect it is poor English.
— Frau Katze (@LolKatzen) April 2, 2014

@LolKatzen @RichardDawkins Khabaristan Today is a satire column: (~_^) tagline: “Telling it like it almost never is”
— hbd chick (@hbdchick) April 3, 2014