Masked militia storm Venezuelan university and batter students with sticks and fireworks

Pro-government students attacked their anti-establishment peers with sticks during a riot in the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas on Thursday

Masked militia stormed a university in Caracas hurling stones and fireworks as tensions mount over Venezuela’s crippled economy.

Pro-government students at the Central University of Venezuela battered their anti-establishment peers with sticks, hospitalising three.

Hundreds of riot police deployed tear gas and grenades to bring the hours-long conflict under control.

A television journalist covering the outburst is attacked by a pro-government supporter clutching a makeshift grenade

The outburst on Thursday started as a march through the capital calling for an end to rocketing inflation and dwindling resources.

But within minutes, bandana-clad fundamentalists started throwing rocks at police officers and the scene descended into near-anarchy.

Student leader Juan Requesens says at least three protesters were hospitalised with serious injuries.

The militia members prevented journalists from photographing a student who lay on the ground, apparently gravely injured. The students captured two counter-protesters and stripped them naked.  More photos at the link.