Barbara Kay: There is a reason the niqab covers the mouth

I was pleased to read the April 2 op-ed by Zainab Bint Younus in the National Post, “Don’t speak for Muslim women. Speak to us,” written in response to a preceding column by Jonathan Kay, in which he described his psychological discomfort with the niqab.

To clarify, I wasn’t pleased to read Ms Younus’ op ed because I approve of the niqab – on the contrary, I am on record (my readers might say I am like a “broken record,” I’ve written on the subject so often) favouring proscription of the niqab in tax-funded institutions – but because I assume Ms Younus considers her arguments persuasive (and they are indeed as “ good” as arguments for the niqab get). What pleases me, therefore, is that all of her arguments are so full of logical holes one could drive a Mack truck through them.