B.C. premier’s office received homophobic emails for flying a gay pride flag during the Sochi Olympics

The general themes that emerged from the emails included homophobia, bigotry, and hate (plus an often substantial amount of misinformation and poor grammar and spelling).

“I write this to you to express my disgust at your forcing your opinion on the Province at large,” one read. “Shame as the government buildings are adorned with the multi- striped symbol of homosexual Propaganda. There is nothing Gay and nothing to be Proud of in forcing a ‘celebration’ of sodomic sex.”

Many of the messages described the flag’s presence in Victoria as an attack on so-called ‘family values’.

“I strongly resent the flying of a flag of a sexual/political group over the legislature,” another email stated. “We are all aware of the spreading of propaganda and lies by the selfish infertile sexually confused men and women who demand that you bow to their whims every time they stamp their feet.”

The emails were published online by the province on April 1 in response to a freedom of information request. Their authors’ identifies were withheld in accordance with privacy laws…