Ann Coulter: Millionaires need your help

Chuck Herrin, left, with an employee, Alvaro Martinez, says he struggles to fill his work crews. The work force is aging, Mr. Herrin said, as potential immigrants are deterred from coming to the region. Credit Matt Black for The New York Times

Last Sunday, The New York Times published a front-page article about the heartfelt need of California farmers for more illegal aliens.

The first tip-off that heinous public policy ideas were coming was that the Times introduced farmer Chuck Herrin, owner of a farm-labor contracting company, as a “lifelong Republican.” That’s Times-speak for “liberal.”

Herrin admitted that he employs a lot of illegal aliens and bitterly complained that they lived in fear of “Border Patrol and deportations.” (But, apparently, he doesn’t live in fear of admitting he’s violating our immigration laws.)

Sorry that running a country inconveniences you, Chuck…

The NYT story: California Farmers Short of Labor, and Patience