Quebec’s values charter is a good idea

People who find the Quebec charter draconian should remember religion in Quebec can still be “worn on the sleeves” in one’s free time.

Displaying religious symbols would be curtailed only in the public sector work environment.

It remains unclear how the charter would actually be implemented.

Would public sector workers be fired for not complying?

Public sentiment, even in Quebec, seems to be against this.

In any event, the Quebec charter would have little bearing on most religious workers in the public sector.

Many religious people do not feel obliged to wear or display their religious symbols at work, one of the exceptions being devout Muslims, who have distinct religious attire they consider mandatory.

In fact, the Quebec charter seems mainly aimed at fundamentalist Muslims, who often seek to advance a political agenda rather than simply express pious serenity through their dress.

In my view, invoking the notwithstanding clause to counter this assertive religiosity is desirable.