Netherlands: Anti-discrimination demonstration attended by Muslim extremists

It was quite a day yesterday.

There was a lot happening in politics yesterday country. Multiple PVV MPs stepped up and Geert Wilders gave a press conference in which he once again stressed his idiotic words Wednesday.

I have rarely seen such a strange day. And that saying something: I have been writing for 12 years for various websites, follow Turkish politics closely, and am obsessed with America.

Translation: Wilders, dog of Israel

Anyway, the above was already chaotic enough, but it got worse. What appeared was: the so-called anti-discrimination demonstration in Amsterdam was visited by Jew-hating Muslim extremists.

There was also a jihad flag present, some extremists who can be found in the hatred of, say, a Ayman al-Zawahiri, but say something Wilders’ remarks (which has never been violent and that will not be obviously fantastically well)[? Unable to figure out what this means]

At the same time Mayor Eberhard van der Laan said that he found it heartening how Dutch reacted to Wilders’ controversial comments about “less Moroccans.”

Very strange, but in one way or another, I find the banners and flags that you see in the photos are not exactly heartwarming. In fact, I felt chills down my spine when I saw them.

Now it is remarkable that leftist do-gooders – rightly – criticize Wilders, but they are – quite wrongly – very silent as Muslim extremists display their religious hatred at a demonstration called for tolerance.  I have heard from people who were present in any case.

How can that be right? If you did not know better, you’d almost think they like Muslim extremists called prime [?]

Mr. Van der Laan, Mr. Hilhorst and all the others who attended the demonstration: take away the Jew-haters and wannabe terrorists?

Outrageous and once more evidence that the left is full of hypocrites is unprincipled.

* * *
Dated March 23. Largely Google Translate with some tenses and the odd word fixed. But I am unfamiliar with the language and left some parts as is.

Video: h/t Martin