Lebanese teenager kicks his mother on live TV

An angry Lebanese teenager, who reportedly did not seen his mother for the past seven years, kicked her on live television this week while participating in an Arab talk show that seeks to resolve family problems.

The mother sought to appear on, “Bil Akeed,” or “For Sure,” shown on Lebanon’s Future Television network, to reunite with her son, Ahmed.

Ahmed, barely 15, initially refused to meet his mother, who claimed that she separated from his father because he was abusive and violent.

According to the televised intro, Ahmed was convinced by the program’s team to sit down with his mother.

With the studio table the only barrier between the two, the mother attempted to defend herself to Ahmed, Recounting her divorce ordeal in court.

“In the court he (Ahmed’s father) attacked me in front the judges and the sheikhs,” she said.

Ahmed visibly infuriated, then began defending his father…