It Happened To Me: I Agreed With Something at xoJane. (Sort Of.)

Kathy’s NEW post at PJMedia:

I clicked over to an essay entitled “I’m Over Critically Acclaimed White Man Television,” with the express purpose of mocking it mercilessly on my blog.

Then I read the strapline:

“I’m tired of watching middle-aged white men having mid-life crises and cheating on their wives and failing as fathers and committing terrible crimes and trafficking in moral ambiguity…”

Wow. That’s… exactly how I’ve felt for years.

People say to me, “Kathy, you need to watch The Sopranos,” and I reply, “If I wanted to watch fat Italian men yell at each other, I’d move back to my hometown.”

I look at Mad Men and see another typical “edgy” liberal-values TV show, but one that’s seductively dressed up in gorgeous vintage costumes and slick production design.

Breaking Bad is based on the fantastical premise that an American public school teacher in the 21st century didn’t have gold-plated health insurance…

(PS: Two more NEW rave reviews were just posted at Amazon, praising Kathy’s new book, Confessions of a Failed Slut.)