Anti-Israel bigotry rears its ugly head at Toronto’s Ryerson University

On Wednesday evening, Jewish students were boo’d and jeered on their way out of an auditorium as the Ryerson Students Union officially boycotted Israel.

A video account paints a shameful portrait of bullying and intimidation of campus. It shows a fiercely politicized room of students squeezing out a group based on their cultural identity. It’s shocking, it’s in downtown Toronto, and it’s subsidized by your tax dollars.

This isn’t the first Canadian campus where Jewish students are facing discrimination from the minority who promotes the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, bent on banning all things Israeli. At the University of Windsor a few weeks prior, a select number of students voted in a boycott, and saw a backlash from alumni and the university president. Similar efforts have taken place at the University of Regina, Carleton, York, University of Toronto, Concordia, Trent, and McMaster.