U.S. Catholic Bishops prays for invaders: border crossing like Lampedusa

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Committee on Migration, joined by bishops on the border, will travel to Nogales, Arizona, March 30-April 1 to tour the U.S.-Mexico border and celebrate Mass on behalf of the close to 6,000 migrants who have died in the U.S. desert since 1998.

The purpose of the trip is to highlight the human suffering caused by a broken immigration system, an aspect of the national immigration debate which is often ignored.
The trip follows the example of Pope Francis, who, in his first trip outside of Rome, traveled to the Italian island of Lampedusa to remember African migrants who died attempting to reach Europe. During that trip, Pope Francis spoke about the “globalization of indifference” toward migrants and decried the “throwaway culture” that disposes of human beings in the pursuit of wealth.

“The U.S.-Mexico border is our Lampedusa,” Bishop Elizondo said. “Migrants in this hemisphere try to reach it, but often die in the attempt.”

* * *
These people were not forced to the make the journey, neither to Lampedusa nor to the U.S.A. This is ridiculous. They are economic migrants, not fleeing oppression and death camps.

Do the the Bishops and the Pope think Europe and the U.S.A. can possibly absorb the whole third world? They need their heads examined.

This is strikes me as sanctimonious and putting the needs of foreigners (who are not in danger) ahead of the residents of their own countries. Get a life and cut out this nonsense.

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