A second case of people found to have been dead in their houses, for YEARS, and no one thought there was anything wrong

Autopsies have helped identify 63-year-old twin brothers who were found dead last weekend in their Chattanooga home.

But the medical examiner still hasn’t been able to resolve the mystery of what happened to the brothers and how their bodies could have remained in the home for about three years without anyone noticing.

Police found the skeletal remains of Andrew and Anthony Johnson sitting in their recliners in a living room in their home Saturday. The conditions of the bodies suggested that both men had been dead since 2011.

After the autopsies, investigators still believe the brothers have been dead for about three years.

There were no signs of trauma or anything to indicate the two were victims of homicide, but investigators are waiting for the results of toxicology tests to come back, Chattanooga Police Sgt. Wayne Jefferson said.

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The neighbors, according to police, had no idea anything was wrong because there was no odor coming out of the house and the brothers lived like hermits and had little contact with family or anyone else. Jefferson said he believed that somebody continued to mow the brothers’ lawn all those years.

Police had actually gone to the Acorn Street home back in 2011 after family members became concerned because they hadn’t seen the brothers.

The house, according to police, appeared to be vacant, and a note inside the mailbox indicated that mail delivery had stopped because the postal service thought the Johnson brothers had moved.
Investigators have established the date of death based on the time stamp found on a receipt near unused cans of Coke.

The discovery has shocked neighbors who didn’t think anything was wrong because the grass was regularly cut and the mailbox wasn’t overflowing.

The twins were known to live a hermit lifestyle and did not communicate regularly either with family or anyone else, reports WRCB…