Why Ford may win

“This entitlement ethos, initiated by those fortunate enough to live close to the center of Toronto, is what allowed Ford to become mayor. Ivor Tossell, in his e-book The Gift of Ford, is correct when he says that Ford’s coming into office is a chance for Torontonians to regroup and reorder their priorities. For him, it’s a crisis that will force a change. I think he’s right about the opportunity for insight, but wrong about who should experience it…

The liberalism of downtown Torontonians has overshot reasonable limits and has turned into a cloaked version of what is, at its patrician heart, a right-wing agenda. These are people who, despite appearances, do not want change, do not want to share their resources, and do not want a mayor who does not play by their rules.”

A good dissection of what I refer to as the Apartheid Annex.