Liberals point finger at bureaucrat for budget-document leak

The governing Liberals suspect a disgruntled mid-level bureaucrat is behind the leak of confidential documents to the Progressive Conservatives in a serious breach of budget secrecy.

New – Presser – Conservative Party is calling for Chief Information Officer to step down – compromised public interest to serve Liberal Party in record deletion scandal.

Ontario PCs take aim at top bureaucrat in purged document scandal

As first reported by The Globe and Mail, it was ‎Mr. Nicholl who gave the go-ahead for Mr. McGuinty’s former chief of staff, David Livingston, to erase computer hard drives in the premier’s office. His alleged role is contained in police documents unsealed by an Ottawa judge after The Globe and other media fought for their release.

No one, including cabinet secretary Peter Wallace, Mr. Nicholl’s boss, was aware Mr. Nicholl had gone to the IT managers, the documents allege.

Mr. Nicholl also told bureaucrats that seven employees in Mr. McGuinty’s office already had administrative access to computers. But he did not explain to them that he had requested more powerful access for Mr. Livingston that would allow him to alter and delete files on all the hard drives in the premier’s office, not just his own computer, the documents allege.

Wynne’s strategy: Spend, spend, spend

Is there anyone left in Ontario who is shocked to learn Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are plotting to buy the next provincial election just like they did the last one?