I say ‘Vote PQ to save Canada’!

As for the PQ being a danger to Canada’s identity, if Quebec ever separates from Canada — a very unlikely scenario — little will change in the way we live as citizens of a democratic, liberal, secular, constitutional monarchy.

However, if the inroads being made into our society by Saudi-funded Islamist groups remain unchallenged — as is the case in the rest of Canada — be prepared for what has happened in the UK.

There, sharia has made its official entry into the country’s legal system.

One of the most prominent federalists in Quebec shares this concern.

Former Liberal MNA Fatima Houda-Pepin left the Liberal caucus to protest her party’s unwillingness to confront Islamists who oppose Quebec’s secularism charter.

As the only Muslim woman in the Quebec National Assembly, Houda-Pepin told reporters, “I have spent 30 years of my life fighting fundamentalism, I cannot talk out of both sides of my mouth.” She is now contesting her riding as an independent.

Houda-Pepin is not the only person of colour or Arab background who is running on a platform supporting the Quebec values charter.