Active Shooter At Fort Hood #forthood

Latest – Fox reports 4 dead including shooter

Latest – CBS source: shooter’s name is Ivan Lopez

Latest – A Justice Department internal report said the gunman was killed by an apparent self-inflicted wound.

Latest – Reports say – 1 Dead – likely the shooter, 14 injured, doubts of 2nd shooter but searching, shelter in place order remains – may have been result of Soldier on Soldier altercation

Upperdate – @KCENNews reports – ONLY ONE SHOOTER and he is dead.

Update: Fox Reporting this is Soldier on Soldier incident – no indication of terrorism

Shooting on Fort Hood military base

Source: Active shooter at Fort Hood


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Killeen and Fort Hood Area Police, Fire, and EMS scanner

Link to Fort Hood Press Center

Fort Hood Twitter Account

Injuries are reported – Reports of 1 suspect injured one at large – – Swat teams moving in

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Live Stream – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen