Uganda’s Museveni defiant on anti-homosexuality bill

Anti-homosexuality activists march through the streets of Ugandan capital, Kampala on Monday

KAMPALA Uganda—Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni on Monday lashed out against foreign governments that cut aid after he signed a draconian an anti-homosexuality bill.

“I do not like taking orders from anyone outside,” he told thousands of supporters in Kampala.

Mr. Museveni’s remarks, made at a rally called by religious leaders in favor of the new law, represented his first public response to the aid cuts. The comments signaled his defiance in the face of Western pressure to scrap the law.

Police provided escort vehicles and cleared traffic as antigay supporters marched through Kampala. Before the rally supporters marched through the busy streets of Kampala, with placards denouncing Western governments for attempting to “impose homosexuality” on Africa.

Donors—including Denmark, Sweden and the World Bank—have cut more than $120 million in aid to Kampala, following Mr. Museveni’s decision to sign the legislation in February. The law proposes a maximum of life in prison for some same sex acts, such homosexual relations carried out by an HIV-positive person.

Mr. Museveni, who accused foreign governments of interfering in the affairs of African governments, called for ordinary citizens to contribute money to fund to help offset the aid cuts. “We shall not allow our people to die if our foreign friends suspend more aid,” Mr. Museveni said.

Last year, the police declared the city center a no-go area for demonstrators. Anti riot police have persistently fired tear gas and rubber bullets to break up any demonstrations in Kampala in recent years.

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It takes a lot to stop Sweden from sending aid, but Uganda has done it!