Toronto Council Office Expenses Go Through Roof or Why people prefer Ford to Chairman Chow

Mayor Rob Ford blasts council office expenses

TORONTO – A “just livid” Mayor Rob Ford came out fuming at council office expenses Monday.

The city released the 2013 expenses and the $1.3 million in spending shows some councillors were back to spending well beyond the $30,000 limit briefly imposed just after Ford swept into office.

The expenses released also show Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly spent more of the deputy mayor’s office budget – including a $500 dinner for his new staff – in the first month-and-a-half after council transferred some of Ford’s powers to him than the mayor’s office spent all of last year.

If Chairman Chow became mayor your tax dollars would be her steady diet, the woman cannot get enough of your dollars.

Layton and Chow: The million-dollar power couple

To stay in their home away from home, they charged a total of $42,478 for accommodation and per diem expenses.

Chow was reimbursed $17,010.20, while Layton charged the maximum of $25,468.

“It’s within the law,” Chow snapped when asked why they both bill for accommodation while in Ottawa, later explaining they split the rent, about $12,000 each, depending on how much time they spend in Ottawa.

Chow refused to break out how much of her $17,010.20 was for rent and for per diem expenses.