Kim Dong Wynne Ready To Table Massive Vote Whoring Budget

Secret documents point to big-spending Ontario Liberal budget

Confidential Ministry of Finance documents leaked to the Progressive Conservatives reveal‎ Finance Minister Charles Sousa‎ will table a big-spending budget on May 1.

Insiders delivered to the Tories an 11-page “communication rollout”‎ that shows $5.7 billion in new spending in the fiscal blueprint.

The internal calendar shows the Liberals plan 39 different budget-related announcements over 27 days leading to May 1.

Update: Sparks fly after Liberal document leaked

Hudak said the plan was leaked to them by “multiple” senior civil servants who are frustrated that they’re being used to promote a Liberal party agenda in advance of a spring election.

“I have never seen this in my entire time in politics, where the Liberal party is basically drafting all of the public servants and putting them to work as Liberal staffers. That’s an extraordinary use of taxpayers’ dollars and shows a party that has lost its way,” Hudak told reporters.