Itzhak Perlman, disabled violin virtuoso, says Pearson airport staff abandoned him

The violinist, riding a mobility scooter, gestured to his substantial carry-on luggage and questioned how he would get it through customs.

Mr. Perlman said the employee replied “’Look, I’m not your personal assistant, you’re not paying me for this, you’re the one who chose to carry an extra bag with you.”

The musician then said he was forced to navigate the airport alone after awkwardly loading up his lap with luggage: two little bags, a larger bag, his crutches and his violin, either a 1714 Stradivarius or another antique Italian violin from the 18th century.

This seems odd, and due solely to a miserable staffer I believe. I remember when my Mom got lost at the airport in Vancouver when I had flown her out for a visit. A staff member stayed with me the whole time until we located her.

h/t Waffle