‘Black students only’ allowed on school trip, parents outraged

“Black students only” is how one school trip in a Kansas school district was described by Assistant Principal Candy Birch, who wanted to set up a field trip focused on African American history and the civil rights movement. But some students and parents are claiming this action was an instance of reverse racism.

The uproar at Olathe South High School all started when Birch role a letter to the students where she wrote about her plans for an upcoming event:

So we are planning an outing open to our African-American sophomores and juniors.

ACLU legal advisor Doug Bonney agreed that it was illegal to invite black students only, but claimed it was simply a misunderstanding:

I think the school’s heart is in the right place. They’re trying to provide an enrichment experience for these students.

The school’s superintendent also apologized immediately and claimed it was never their intention to be perceived as officially requiring reverse racism.

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Noting “reverse” about it. And I note that the ACLU is not what it used to be.