Swedish Jewish center targeted during anti-Semitic rally

Danish Jews arrive in Malmö, Sweden, to show their solidarity with the city’s Jewish community.

Police in Malmö arrested two people who tried to break into a Jewish community building during a demonstration that featured anti-Semitic slogans.

Five people gathered outside the Jewish community center on Kamrergatan Street in Malmö’s center on March 27 and tried to force their way inside past security, the Sydsvenskan regional daily newspaper reported.

The intruders stopped at the gate, where they voiced insults against Judaism, police officer Linda Pleym told the newspaper.

The two men arrested, who are both 18, were not named in the report. Police released them shortly after questioning and local prosecutors will decide whether to charge the men with trespassing and intimidation, the newspaper reported.
About 30% of Malmö’s 300,000 residents belong to families of immigrants from Muslim countries, according to city statistics. Radical members of that population are responsible for most of the attacks against Jews, the Jewish community has said.

Malmö has approximately 1,000 Jews.

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Unfortunately, the Swedish anti-immigrant party Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) had, at least in the beginning, an anti-Semitic slant, from what I have heard informally from Swedish commenters. So Sweden’s Jews tend not trust it.

Truly, anti-Semitism on the part of native Europeans is baffling to me. But the ones I have debated as commenters say they resent the Jews for not being against Muslim immigration.

Note that I know very little about it other than scattered comments, as of course no newspaper covers the subject with the remotest degree of objectivity. Wikipedia calls Sverigedemokraterna a “far-right and right-wing populist political party in Sweden that was founded in 1988. SD describes itself as a nationalist movement.”

I still get little sense from European commenters that many of them are “nationalist” except in the sense that they do not want to be overrun by alien cultures like Islam.