New photographs emerge of tribe in Brazil believed to maintain no contact with outsiders

Fresh photographs have emerged of an indigenous tribe in Brazil authorities are trying to prevent from being contacted by the outside world.

Men pointed bows at a plane flying overhead in Brazil’s Acre State near the Xinane River

Notice how many of the comments are along the lines of “hey, leave those Indians alone! Stop trying to steal their oil!” (Honestly, I really don’t think they’re using any oil they might possibly be sitting on top of.) Hey, cool. How many of these tribespeople have detached retinas and chronic infections? How many of their kids have guts full of parasitic worms? What’s the infant mortality rate?

Public “education” – and I use the term very loosely – has failed to impart almost any scintilla of knowledge about the world and it has destroyed the ability of most people to think clearly about anything. They do know that Western civilization is the Big Bad, though.

We’re screwed. But interesting tribe. Check out the pictures.