Liberal Sleazebag Kim Dong Wynne Threatening To Sue Hudak For Stating She Possibly Ordered Document Destruction

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says she has sought legal advice and is demanding Tory Leader Tim Hudak stop repeating an accusation claiming she “possibly ordered” the destruction of government documents in the gas plants scandal.

The offending words!

Update: Tories want Livingston’s alleged hacker to testify at gas-plant hearings

OTTAWA — The man alleged to have played a key role in a cover-up in the final days of Dalton McGuinty’s office is being called to testify at the gas-plants scandal hearings, and his public comments may come under intense scrutiny.

Peter Faist, the tech-savy boyfriend of then deputy chief Laura Miller, took to Twitter in November and replied to a pollster’s tweet that said Ontario Tory MPPs were right to condemn the destruction of emails related to the true costs of the gas plant cancellations in Oakville and Mississagua.

The reply from Faist’s Twitter account said: “The informed among us are aware that users aren’t responsible for archiving their emails. Their administrators are.”

If, as he says, the buck stops at the administrative level, it’s interesting to note that the Ontario Provincial Police theory has Faist using a super “global” administrator’s access rights to all 24 hard drives in the former premier’s office.