Iranian granted asylum repaid UK by trying to avoid £850,000 tax bill

Hossein Mehjoo

A refugee given asylum in Britain became a millionaire entrepreneur – but repaid the country that helped him by trying to avoid £850,000 in tax.

Hossein Mehjoo fled his native Iran at the age of 12 and won asylum in 1982 after his MP and a local newspaper campaigned for him to stay.

He claimed at the time he would get ‘a bullet in the head’ in Iran.

‘I am terrified of going back. I will fight this all the way,’ he said. ‘They will have to handcuff me and drag me to the aircraft.’

He became a British citizen and built a successful fashion business that paid for a yacht and a home in Worcestershire with two tennis courts.

In April 2005, he sold his firm, Bank Fashion Limited, for £8.5million. But he was determined to avoid paying a 10 per cent tax on capital gains, equal to around £850,000.

He might have deemed it a small price to pay for his new life. Instead, the 54-year-old has waged a long legal battle against accountants Harben Barker – for failing to get him out of the tax bill…