Does anyone know anything about Quadcopter/Drones? I am doing some research for a work related project and so far the biggest issue is limited flight time duration.

The Quad we need would require roughly the specs of the one you see here by DJI. 

Any drone we get must be similarly kitted out, a Go-Pro camera in a remote controlled gimbal, and the ability to wirelessly transmit the “camera eye view” in real time.  All the models we have examined so far have a flight duration of 20 -25 minutes when camera loaded etc, ideally we want one with an hour long duration. Price I don’t care about because its not my money Hahahahaha! Seriously 3K USD  up to maybe 4K for a really great solution.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

This is their real Pro-Level Model

This is for the Hobbiest – Biggest detriment is the built in camera, not great as I understand it, but the price is sweet.