Parrot put on Prozac after being left in garage for three years for repeating name of owner’s dead wife

A parrot has been put on anti-depressants to recover from a state of manic trauma after being trapped in a garage for three years.

Roy was locked in a dog cage with little food or water as he kept screaming the name of his owner’s dead wife over and over again – after the widower’s new partner had moved in. In captivity, with little food or water, the Congo African Grey was driven to near-insanity, pecking off all his feathers.

The 26-year-old bird is now being treated by Britain’s only parrot psychologist Elaine Henley, who has started him on an intensive programme of pills.

Ms Henley, who provides respite for pets taken in by Parrot Rescue UK, saved Roy from imprisonment in the home in southern England. In more than 10 years treating birds as far away as Australia and America, Roy is the most disturbed pet she has encountered.

Ms Henley, 44, said: “He’s so traumatised from his years in the garage which he will never get over.”

Roy had been close to his owner Sarah before she died – and would not stop calling for her when she passed away.

But Sarah’s widower eventually met somebody else, and decided to lock Roy away until they moved house three years later.
Glasgow-based Ms Henley has even taken Roy in as her own. After just a few weeks, he is already picking up her strong Scottish accent – shared by her existing pet parrot Milo.

She said: “They’re much smarter than people think.”