Immigration clampdown is making Britain seem ‘nasty’, warns George Osborne’s father-in-law Lord Howell

Lord Howell, a former foreign office minister

Tough immigration policies have made Britain ‘nasty’, George Osborne’s father-in-law warned today.

Lord Howell, a former foreign office minister, said rules and regulations on who can enter the country were creating a ‘blot’ on the UK’s reputation.

Visa restrictions are damaging Britain’s standing on the world stage and must be urgently overhauled, he warned.

The Tories have taken an increasingly tough stance on immigration, in part to counter the rise of the UK Independence Party.

It has included moves to cut net migration to the tens of thousands and a crackdown on migrants claiming benefits…

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Of course, seeming ‘nasty’ is the ultimate horror.  Citizen’s opinions are irrelevant before such a dreaded reputation.  I can scarcely believe how idiotic these UK pols sound.