Egyptian police forms task force to hunt down atheists

I will never understand atheists who have a good word for Islam.

All of the countries in the world that punish atheism by death or imprisonment are Islamic, and in Islamic countries that are not so barbaric, there is no shortage of voices that they should be.

The latest news of Islamic harassment of unbelievers comes from Egypt, where the ouster of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood from power has not lead to any improvement in the status of the minority unbelievers.

The talk show, “Redline,” aired on Honest satellite channel and hosted by Mohamed Moussa, discussed the issue of atheism in Egypt in detail. Moussa also interviewed Alexandrian activist Mostafa Zakareya, who says he is an atheist.

In his show, Moussa said that atheism is a foreign plot at a critical time for Egypt, as the country continues to experience political, economic and social instability.

Moussa called for Zakareya to be arrested and executed on account of him being atheist.

Responding to Zakareya’s comments, Sheikh Gomaa Mohamed Ali said that atheism is a “new phenomenon” that is not associated with any religion.

Atheism was coined by the Zionists,” Ali claimed.

A special police taskforce will be formed to arrest a group of Alexandria-based atheists who declared their beliefs on Facebook, announced Alexandria Security Directorate chief Amin Ezz El-Din in a televised telephone interview…